Survivors Against Violence

Saving One Family At A Time


We are so honored that you have decided to visit our website.  Survivors Against Violence, Inc., (SAV) is a non-profit organization aimed at eradicating domestic violence and preventing juvenile delinquency.  We are a multi-faceted organization with the belief that with willing vessels we can do all things through Christ, Jesus.  Notwithstanding, we are willing to work with all denominations as well as those who do not currently have religious beliefs for the betterment of our community and society, as a whole.  Our goal is found in our motto: saving one family at a time.

Survivors Against Violence was birthed as a result of personal experiences of the founders.  Although each has lived in the midst of emotional turmoil, both have found peace and understanding through healing.  Healing comes in a multitude of forms.  For some, healing involves prayer and meditation on God's word; for others it involves therapeutic counseling with or without medication.  We, at Survivors Against Violence, Inc., are not here to judge.  Regardless of how you begin the healing process, each step taken after victimization is a step on the path of recovery.

We hope that you discover some important truths while visiting us and make the decision to heal.  You certainly deserve it!

Sincerely yours,


Carleen Vincent-Robinson                              Eric L. Robinson


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